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Oliver on stage in the Goel Center for Theater and Dance

‘Exactly what I love doing.’

Oliver Hess ’21 never dreamed he’d be able to perform in an arts space as magical as the Goel Center for Theater and Dance, with faculty support that has helped him take his acting to the next level.

Audrey Yin
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Exeter People

"Exeter has given me the opportunity to develop into myself. It’s made me a more secure person.”

Audrey '21

Student in the "My Black is Legendary" fashion show at Exeter

'My Black Is Legendary'

PEA wrapped up Black History Month on Saturday night with an unforgettable show. “My Black Is Legendary” was a celebration of Black art, fashion, culture and identity put together by the indomitable Office of Multicultural Affairs.

John Murillo

Lamont Poet John Murillo

Murillo reads his moving poem “Enter the Dragon” during a virtual visit to campus. (Photo/Marcus Jackson)

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Exeter People

“We think different things. We can talk about our ideas. ... We’re all respectful of each other. That’s the world I grew up in."

Dan Brown '82

Sticky situation

The Theater and Dance Department delivered two outstanding performances of "The Short Tree and the Bird That Could Not Sing" over the weekend at the Goel Center.