An Exonian athlete grimaces with effort as she takes the lead at the hurdles.

Big Red Athletics

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Athletic Facilities

Our new Thompson Field House adds to expansive facilities for workouts, training, competition and club sports.

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Exeter student with a rack of training weights.

Exeter Bulletin


Athletics Schedule

05/05/20213:00pmCycling VKillington Mountain Hill ClimbAwaypostponedexpand arrow
05/05/20214:00pmWater Polo Girls V/JVExeterHome
05/07/20214:00pmGolf VTilton SchoolAwayat Lochmere CC
05/07/20214:30pmTennis Boys A VMiddlesex SchoolHomecancelled
05/07/20215:45pmLacrosse Boys VHolderness SchoolAway
05/07/20215:45pmLacrosse Girls VHolderness SchoolHome
05/08/20211:30pmBaseball VTilton SchoolAway
05/08/20211:30pmGolf VTilton SchoolHome
05/08/20211:30pmSoftball VTilton SchoolAway
05/08/20212:00pmLacrosse Boys VHolderness SchoolHome
05/08/20212:30pmBaseball JVBelmont Hill SchoolHome
05/08/20213:00pmCrew Girls V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolAwayBoats 1-2
05/08/20213:00pmLacrosse Girls VHolderness SchoolAway
05/08/20213:00pmTennis Boys A VGroton SchoolHome
05/08/20213:00pmTennis Girls A VWinsor SchoolHome
05/08/20213:00pmTennis Girls JVWinsor SchoolHome
05/08/20213:00pmTrack Boys V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
05/08/20213:00pmTrack Girls V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
05/08/20213:30pmVolleyball Boys VAndover (DH)HomeVarsity Match
05/08/20213:30pmVolleyball Boys VAndoverAwayJV Match
05/08/20214:30pmCrew Boys V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolAwayBoats 1-2